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Reception of the Regional Executive Committee
Address: 6 Chapayeva Street,
Borisov, 222120

Phone: (+375-177) 73-40-16

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The Borisov region is situated in the north-east of the Minsk oblast; the town of Borisov is an administrative centre.

The territory of Borisov is 46 square kilometers.

The territory of the Borisov region is 3,000 square kilometers.

The population of the Borisov region is 192,438 people, of them 149,392 urban residents and 43,046 live in the rural area.

The Borisov region borders on the Dokshytsy, Lepel, Chashniki regions of the Vitebsk oblast and the Krupki, Berezino, Chervensk, Smolevichi, Logoisk regions of the Minsk oblast. The territory is divided into 22 rural councils. There are 300 settlements in the region.

The largest settlements of the region are:
- the village of Loshitsa - 6702 residents;
- the village of Velyatichi - 1426 residents;
- the village of Ugly - 1426 residents;
- the village of Staro-Borisov - 1140 residents;
- the village of Bolshaya Ukholoda - 1244 residents;
- the village of Novosady - 1065 residents;
- the village of Gantsevichi - 948 residents.

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